heidrun van doerfjes

Heidrun’s work is passionately feminine. 

She offers a figurative visual language that is both poetic and archetypal. Her works are silent references to something that defies literal expression. “In my work I strive to give a new femininity a fresh language, that is bold, free and reduced.“

Working across media she lets the drawings develop directly on the support, intuitively and experimentally. Working serially supports her endeavor to be independent of concepts and ideals. “I only accept the limits that arise from the task itself.” Thus, she likes to work with media such as ink and watercolor, which are immediate and uncorrectable.

Heidrun draws inspiration from various sources, such as female mythology and folklore, art history and Mother Nature herself. “Nature is my driving force.”

Portraits and self-portraits are a vital part of her artistic practice, in which drawing from life is quintessential.

“Drawing for me, is the radical and faithful (not “correct”) representation of the essential, a natural abstraction. And if we look closely, we realize that everything and every person is a unique work of art already.”

Heidrun lives with her family in a rural part of Germany.